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Olympic Hair

Aries Merritt mens hairstyles

Aries Merritt mens hairstyles with an Olympic twist

When it comes to mens hairstyles in the Olympics the American men are way out in front.

According to Yahoo:

The American men are way out front in the hurdles – and the hairstyles.

Gold medal winner Aries Merritt has his hair twisted into intricate braids while silver medalist Jason Richardson has sported his trademark dreadlocks for years.

“We both have a little hair thing going on,” Merritt says with a smile.

NBC’s “Today” show weatherman Al Roker seemed a little envious.

“It’s not for everyone,” Richardson said with a chuckle.”

Now these styles are interesting to take note of, stylish but practical hair. At Ultimate Hairdressing our consultations will help you get the hairstyle that suits what you need it for.

If it’s to be glam for going out or sporty for outdoor pursuits we’ll have the style that will suit you better than you could imagine.

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